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Tips and Tricks with Textures

Tips and Tricks with Textures
Copyright by April Dawn Creations

Textures can create some amazing effects on your papers. The fun comes in how you play with them. The options for textures are really limited only by your own imagination. Here are some tips:

Multiple Textures~~
Don't be afraid to use more than one texture on a paper. A variety of textures will bring about different and more original looks and effects.

Changing the opacity~~
I have been known to use gravel as a light texture (low opacity) to create depth, along with a fabric texture at a higher opacity to make the rocks turn into an effect rather than it looking like a paper made with rocks.

Using your Blending Modes~~
With PS you have a few blending options that also can add to the effect. Using the same texture twice once with one blending option and once with another can create some pleasant changes.

Change direction~~
Using the same texture at two different angles or directions can create a totally different look. I have been known to take a texture and turn it by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees to give an even and balanced look to a texture and also to a paper...or to give it the kaleidoscope effect!

Hope these help your imagination create a ton of fun and fabulous looks on your papers!!

~~April Dawn